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More than 865,000 passengers use e-gates during the first quarter of 2017 at Hamad International Airport

May 4, 2017

The Airport Passports Department at the Ministry of the Interior announced that the number of passengers who completed the travel procedures through e- gates at Hamad International Airport in the first quarter of this year reached 865,000 passengers, which confirms the success of this service to attract the largest number of passengers due to ease of use and short time taken at the end of the proceedings, which does not exceed ten seconds.

Colonel Mohammed Rashid Al Mazrouei, Director of Airport Passports Department said that the e-gate services provided by the Ministry of the Interior to all citizens and residents are free of charge, making it one of the most important stages of development in services provided by the Ministry at the Airport to save the time and effort of passengers and avoid long queuse waiting in front of the airport immigration counters.
 He pointed out that the electronic gates implement all the required security standards as well as it is characterized by the quick processing.

He also pointed to the simplicity of the use of electronic gates, where the passenger can approach  the gate and then provide the travel document, whether the ID card or passport. The e-gate will give instructions to the passenger as per the language of the submitted ID or Passport  to facilitate the procedures. By placing the travel document on the e-gate, the first gate will be opened, allowing the traveler to pass through the middle of the portal. Then he will be asked to place his fingerprint or iris scan to verify the identity of the passenger to open the last barrier that allows the passenger to transit to the boarding gate or the place of receipt of bags. This process does not take more than ten seconds whether for entry or exit.

 Al-Mazroui said that the e-gate system at Hamad International Airport has been praised by the delegation of the International Civil Aviation Organization as a model system and a distinguished experience that can be applied in all countries of the world. The Ministry of Interior is developing this smart system in way the passenger can board the plane without approaching any employee.

He explained that the Airport Passports Department has placed a counter near the e-gates to facilitate procedures for passengers who are not familiar with the use of electronic gates as the number of passengers who utilize this service has increased. The total number of e-gate users during the first quarter of 2017 reached 865,000  passengers , while the system registered during 2016 one million and 41,000 passengers. It’s expected that  the users of e-gates at Hamad International Airport at the end of 2017 will reach 3,500,000 passenger, which will be a great success for the Ministry of the Interior.

He said that Hamad International Airport currently has 21 e-gates at the departure and 20 gates at the arrival while these numbers will be increased in to 40 e-gates in each section due to the high demand from passengers. All the ways leading to the e-gates have guidance boards and staff from the Airport Security, Airport Passports and Hamad International Airport are there to guide passengers to the e-gates round the clock. Further, all e-gates are placed parallel to the passport control counters and visible easily to all passengers. .
He explained that the Department has opened an office next to the e-gates to activate and add the e-gate system service using ID cards of the residents and their children who have passed the age of 18 years. He stressed that the use of ID cards for e-gates does not require prior registration or payment of any fees.  This service comes within the framework of the Intelligent Traveler project launched by His Excellency the Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior at the beginning of this year, which enables the traveler to finish his travel procedures  through smart self-service devices without the need to approach any staff member.
The Director of Airport Passports further called on passengers to use the e-gates at Hamad International Airport to facilitate and expedite the completion of their travel procedures without having to wait in long queues in front of the passport counters. 

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