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Expats Exit Permit Grievances Committee Formed

Dec 12, 2016
تشكيل لجنة تظلمات خروج الوافدين

The Ministry of Interior announced the formation of Expats Exit Grievances Committee in accordance with the Law No. 21/2015 on regulating the entry, exit and residence of expatriates.
This was announced during a press conference held at the Civil Defence on Sunday. The press conference was attended by Brigadier Salim Saqr al Muraikhi, director of Legal Affairs Department at MoI and chairman of the committee, and members of the committee including Major Muhammad Ali Al Kubaisi from Human Rights Department at MOI, Naif Mesbah Al Shammari from National Human Rights Committee and Mr. Saleh Rashid Al Kowari From the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs. 

Brigadier Saqr Al Muraikhi said that this committee was formed in accordance with the decree of the HE Ministry of Interior No. 51/2016. The committee includes four members represented by Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and NHRC. The committee is entitled to take decisions on the grievances on the exit of the expatriates and exit permit request by the expatriates in the case of emergency situations as mentioned in the article No. 7 of Law 21/2015. 

He told that the old traffic department at North Madina Khalifa will be operated as the headquarters of the committee. Expatriate can present his grievances on the specified form to the secretariat of the committee with all supporting documents on abuses. The secretariat staff will receive the application and register the case after confirming the availability of all necessary documents. The applicant will be given notification on acceptance of the application with case number and date of acceptance. The case will be raised for decision in the first meeting after the date of registration. The decision will be made within 3 working days of reciving the application. 
He added that the committee will then inform the administrative unit at the Ministry, the employer and the applicant about the decision by any means that they will get notified. All of them will have the right to appeal to the Minister about the decision of the committee within 24 hours from date of notification at the committee headquarters. The Minister or the deputy will take decision within 48 hours. If no appeal was raised the committee’s decision will be considered as the final.
He added that the committee will keep transparency in its procedures. In the case of complaining about the exit permit by the employer the committee will seek all documents to justify his words. The committee will listen to any persons involved or related to the subject for clarifications. The committee will hold its meeting on every Sunday and Wednesday weekly. 

He stated the committee will start its functioning on Tuesday, December 13. The new law provides the expatriates to exit without exit permit, but with a travel permit where the employer shall inform the relevant authorities that his employee has proper travel permit to exit the country. If the employer rejects leave request by the employee he can approach the committee to allow permit to exit the country for vacation stipulated by the law. 

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