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Officials and Personalities

Officials and Personalities

The Prime Minister and Minister of Interior:  Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Bin Khalifa Al-Thani



Personal Particulars

Name:Abdullah Bin Nasser Bin Khalifa Al Thani 
Marital Status: Married and he has six children.

Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelors Degree in Policing Science from Durham Military College, UK in 1984.
  • Bachelors Degree in Law from Beirut University in 1995.

Positions held

  • Appointed as an officer of patrols at Rescue Police Section in 1985.
  • Appointed as officer of stadium security at Capital Police Section in 1989.
  • Appointed as assistant commander of Support Battalion at Emergency Police Section.
  • Appointed as commander of Special Operations Battalion at Special Security Force Department.
  • Appointed as commander of the Special Unit at Special Security Forces Department.
  • Appointed as assistant director of the Special Security Forces Department for operations affairs on 28/2/2001.
  • Appointed as assistant director of the Special Security Forces Department on 11/7/2001.
  • Appointed as director of the Special Security Forces Department on 7/1/2002.
  • Appointed as the commander for the Internal Security Force (Lekhwiya) on 6/9/2004.
  • Appointed as Minister of State for Interior Affairs and member of Council of Ministers on 15/2/2005.
  • Appointed as the Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior on 26/6/2013.

Training Courses

He has completed several qualifying and specialized training courses at home and abroad in the field of policing and security work such as:

No. Course Name Course held at
1 Officer Candidate course UK
2 Thunderbolt Commandos course Jordan
3 Parachute course Jordan
4 Internal Security course for officers No. (3) Joint Training Centre, Qatari Armed Forces
5 First Leadership course for officers- session IV Police Training Institute –Doha
6 Diving Course Coasts and Borders Security Dept
7 Aircrafts and Airports Security course UK
8 Police Operations Officers course Egypt
9 Combating Activities course Egypt
10 Crisis Management and Negotiations course France
11 Response Team (Anti –Terrorism) course US
12 Negotiations Techniques course US
13 Anti-Terrorism Data Exchange course Saudi Arabia – Riyadh
14 First Response (Weapons of mass destruction) Course Qatari Armed Forces
15 Course on Developing Anti-Terrorism Data Collection methods. Saudi Arabia – Riyadh

Designations and Participations

  • Chairman of Security Committee for Organizing Qatar World Cup 2022.
  • Chairman of National Anti- Terrorism Committee.
  • Head of Security Committee for Doha Asian Games 2006.
  • Head of the Committee to Protect State Properties.
  • Head of Salary Revision Committee.
  • Represented the country in various conferences, seminars and meetings.
  • Participated in drafting security agreement on countering terrorism in the GCC countries.
  • Participated in the international conference on public security and terrorism, New York.
  • Participated in the 'Protection and Preventive Security' Program, New York.
  • Participated in the coordination meeting of institutions of Organization of Islamic conference (OIC) on countering international terrorism.
  • Participated in the team of experts from the Interior Ministry to study the international convention on terrorism.
  • Headed the Qatar delegation in the International Conference on Countering Terrorism, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Attended several conferences, meetings and seminars in the field of security.

Appreciation Certificates and Honors

No. Issuing Authority Date Occasion
1 Minister of Foreign Affairs 15/11/2002 Ninth Islamic Summit Conference.
2 Minister of State for Interior Affairs 22/5/2002 Achievements of Internal Security Force Department.
3 Commander of Qatar Emiri Air Force 25/9/2003 Third Middle East Air Conference
4 Secretary General of Qatar Olympic Committee 1/1/2005 Security coverage of 17th Gulf Cup tournament.
5 International Medal of Civil Defense 4/6/2007 For supporting and establishing civil protection agencies.
6 French Legion of Honor Award 19/11/2009 In recognition of efforts in strengthening relations between Qatar and France.
7 French Medal of the National Gendarmerie 9/10/2012 For his role in the completion of joint projects with the French Gendarmerie.