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General Directorate of Civil Defence

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The State gives highest care for internal security as it is the pillar of the stability and spends maximum efforts to provide security, safety and peace of mind for citizens and residents.

The first "Extinguishing Police Section" was formed in 1955 with a small number of police staff and the equipments and tools as well. Along with the development of the country in all fields, spread of the construction boom and increase in the size of establishments, it was the need of time to increase the capability of the fire fighting force in personnel and equipments, convoying with the renaissance witnessed by the country.

In the beginning of seventies, the fire fighting section was improved by increasing the numbers of specialized and educationally qualified officers in fire fighting, rescue operations, ambulance services and civil defense activities and also the numbers of the trained personnel along with equipments. The name "Extinguishing police section" was changed into "Civil Defense Department" by the decree No. 8 for the year 1991 issued by the Minister of interior.

Considering the importance of convoying with the comprehensive renaissance in the country, the name " Civil Defense Department" was changed into "The General Directorate of Civil Defense" according to the decree No. 38 for the year 2005 issued by the Minister of state for interior affairs and the organizational structure was approved in order to convoy with the fast and visible renaissance.

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