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Institutional Reputation Office

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The Institutional Reputation Office at Public Relations Department was established in 2016 in line with the recommendations of the institutional reputation project and in collaboration between the Public Relations Department and Planning and Quality Department in order to form the credibility and mutual respect among the concerned parties. The Ministry of Interior was the first ministry that integrates modern reputation systems in its operations in the world, and the firs Ministry that won the "Enjaz" certificate of integration of image building and reputation management systems.

Areas of Work

The Institutional Reputation Office works for measuring the goodwill of the target audience in the following areas: 

Citizenship is the relationship between the state and all institutions and citizens. The concept of citizenship expands in public awareness to cross the barrier of the state and move to the global. Hence, everyone in the State shall join in all equally. The citizenship has a great link with the work of reputation, especially in service organizations such as the Ministry of Interior. 

Work environment:

The work environment holds key role in the improvement in service productivity. The more developed institution in its work environment will be more attractive in innovative works. The Ministry of Interior gives utmost importance to the work environment in order to make productivity in service and functional efficiency in a manner that is highly commensurate with the nature of this unique environment that reflects its interest in the welfare of the public in all its categories.


The Ministry of Interior deals with many services provided to the public. Services have witnessed a major shift in ways of their performance in line with international developments in service areas. It has been reflected in a large extent to the public, in a way that the service or dealing related to the work of the ministry does not make people any trouble or hardship. The Ministry has received several awards for its continuous excellence in its services. The Ministry has recently headed to provide specialized services for people with special needs, which reflects the comprehensive and efficient services of the Ministry.


Development and creativity:

The Ministry has witnessed huge jumps in the level of services provided and at the level of training, development and rehabilitation of cadres and the level of access to service. This has enabled the Ministry to take a good image among the public that boosts the entrepreneurial reputation that has always characterized it.


The Ministry of Interior and the State of Qatar have been at the forefront of all international reports related to transparency, governance and other indicators. The Ministry has consistently maintained this institutional excellence.


It is a positive activity carried out by a person by a formal decision that has the leadership characteristics that supervise a group of employees to achieve clear objectives by means of influence and impossibility or use of power to the appropriate extent and when necessary. The leadership of the Ministry of Interior is characterized by the ability and high efficiency in the quickness of decision-making.