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The first prison in the State of Qatar was established in 1369 AH corresponding to (1949), which was located in the center of Doha, and a central prison was constructed in the year 1374 AH (1954 AD) inside the Rumaila Castle. In its design, it has been taken into account to be in line with the conditions of that period which was named as the old Rumaila jail.  As the time passed, and in order to meet with the population boom and number of expatriates as well as the development that followed by crime and its diversity, moreover the stunning scientific progress in the field of science, communications and transportation, and the rapid spread of crime in the world that has been transformed as a village, in addition to renaissance in and progress of the country, all these factors prompted the Ministry of Interior to keep pace with this development and work for the development of all its departments to meet these variables. In the wake of this development and modernization a new central prison was constructed instead of the old central prison, which no longer could keep pace with the progress and advancement in the modern punitive treatment methods.

The new central prison was officially opened on 05/06/1406 H corresponding to 13/02/1986, which is given modern and advanced design, taking into account the new philosophy of prisons, considering its role of correction and reformation. Moreover the institute proceeded with expansion works by establishing new buildings, as new buildings were allocated for detainees (remand section), which was annexed within the institute’s buildings to reduce congestion.

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