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Training and rehabilitation in general are among the basic issues that concern the different ministries and public and private institutions and authorities due to its great significance in raising the level and competency of the manpower responsible for achieving the desired goals according to the nature of the work and activity of the organizations they work for.

If we have a look at the police field, we find that training and rehabilitation play an essential role in developing the police performance through the selection of suitable manpower, rehabilitating and training them in a specialized constant method that keeps pace with the nature of the tasks carried out by that manpower. Thus, the Ministry of Interior, represented in Police Training Institute, is keen to raise the level of its employees through providing a suitable atmosphere for training and rehabilitation and also through providing the required technical aids. Therefore, the first Police Training School was established in 1971, and it was responsible for training all the employees of the Ministry of the Interior and developing the work in the Ministry. It's name was changed to Police Training 'Institute' in 1983 and it undertook the responsibility of providing the Police Body with the trained and qualified manpower to carry out its entrusted duties as well as raising the level and competency of Police Body's staff through holding updating training courses and developing the police curriculum of the courses it holds.

To keep pace with development of the law enforcement work, era updates and security challenges, the training and rehabilitating programs have varied to suit the advanced police functions through utilizing the techniques of scientific and technical advancement. The efforts of the Ministry of Interior in this field have totally succeeded and the manpower had the chance to benefit from modern training programs and curriculum in parallel with the development the Ministry has achieved in the different fields.


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