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Unified Services Department

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Functions of the Department

  1. To execute direct administrative supervision on all service centers under the department and the service offices under it
  2.  To coordinate with relevant service departments for all technical requirements and to fully abide by the procedures in accordance with rules and regulations of those departments.
  3. To issue all kinds of entry visas according to the rules, decisions, regulations and directives regulating them.
  4. To issue, renew, transfer, correct or cancel residence permits according to the rules, decisions, regulations and directives regulating them.
  5. To issue ID numbers and ID cards for Expatriates as well as establishment numbers for companies.
  6. To grant exit permits for citizens, their minor children and their wives and expatriates as well.
  7. To issue and reissue passports, travel documents and IDs for citizens.
  8. To issue and reissue ID cards for the GCC nationals.
  9. To receive the reports of lost passports and ID cards for Qataris and the GCC nationals.
  10. To collect biometric samples of the citizens and expatriates (Eye print, face image and fingerprints)
  11. To issue statistical statements for individuals and companies
  12. To carry out traffic transactions and to provide traffic services as per the decisions taken by the Traffic Department.
  13. To offer reconciliation on offenders of the law according to the regulations of the law and in the context of its specialization and to collect the reconciliation amount.
  14. To propose the annual budget for the department.
  15. To carry out any other missions entrusted by concerned authority


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