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General Directorate of Passports

Family Visa Application Form(Bringing in, Residence Renewal, Validity Renewal)
Visa Entry/ Extension Aplication Form(Residence, Visit, Return, Change, Replace Extension, Mulitple Entry)
Visa Submission Form (Bringing in, Replacing or Renewal)
Employer Transfer Application Form (Changing the Employer, Secondment, Work permit with other parties after office hours)
Resident Data Modification Form (Change of Passports Details, Changing Name, Changing Nationality, Changing Occupation, Change of Employee's Name , Loss of Passport or ID Card )
Residence Entry Application Form (Investors and Real Estate Owners, Housing Unit Beneficiaries and their Family)
Residence Permit Application Form (Investors and Real Estate Owners, Housing Unit Beneficieries and their Family members)
Exit Permit Application Form (E-application)
Renewal Form (Residency - Business Visit - Family Visit)
Exemption Request Form
Departure Certificate
Residence Permit Application Form - Business Visit - Family Visit for First Time
Company Registration Form
Residence Cancellation Form
PRO Accredition Form
Expatriates ID Form
Travel Permit (For Qataris) Form
Tourist Visa Application
Business Visa Application
Business and Tourist Visa Extenstion
Official Visa Application
Return Visa Form