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Awards & Recognitions

The Ministry of Interior has achieved bright success in the field of security awareness campaigns by producing various awareness means and participating in several festivals and contests at Arab and internalnational level. By the constant support and continuous inspiration from the side of H.E. Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Bin Khalifa Al Thani, for the ministry staff to participate actively in celebrations through presenting purposive and competitive items either it is organized at national or Arab level, The PR department participates curiously every year in the security awareness competition that has been organized by security media office under Arab interior ministers council. The PR department scored excellent victories in the purposive competitions with the aim of deepening security awareness and enhancing it among the citizens and residents without any discrimination.

Some of these awards are as follows:

1. Award presented by the Arab States Broadcasting Union in International Traffic Safety Film festival.
2. Best film award in the field of awareness on drugs risks at the competition organized by the Arab Interior Ministers Council in 2002.
3. Third Prize in First International Traffic Awareness Festival in 2003
4.  First prize in best awareness film competition in  2005.
5. First prize in the film competition on terrorism in 2005 organized by The Arab Interior Ministers Council.
6. First prize for the 3rd third year in a row years in the awareness films competition at Arab world level.
7. Golden Award in the Fifth International Festival on Prevention from Road Accidents.
8. Best film award on 'Risk of Terrorism on National Economy'.
9. Approval of the Logo designed by MOI Qatar for GCC Traffic Week in 2008.
10. Compliance Certificate for International Standards on Quality System.
11. ISO Quality Certificate in providing Medical services for MOI staff.
12. Best organizer of Sport Day activities in 2015.
13. Global Quality Certificate in the field of training.  
14. Arab Security Person Certificate in 2014
15. Best Smart phone application in GCC for Metrash2 in 2015.
16. Honouring MoI-Qatar at 8th GCC Quality Conference.
17. Facebook verification for MOI accounts.
18. First prize in competition on traffic safety and driving.
19. International accreditation in the field of leadership and management for the Leaders Development Centre.
20. First prize in two categories in awareness film contest in 2014.
21. Golden Award at Gulf Radio & TV Festival.
22. Design Innovation Prize for MOI- Qatar facebook page.
23. Twitter verification for MOI-Qatar accounts in Arabic and English.
24. Excellence Award in GIS for 'Najm' Security System.
25. First Prize in Arab Civil Protection Competition in 2013.
26. Excellent Project Award for Metrash2 service.
27. Prince Naif Award for Security Research.
28. Golden Medal of Merit in the field of Social Responsibility in 2013.
29. Golden Shield of Excellence for Emergency Services for the Deaf in 2013.
30. Best Interactive Platform Prize for MOI – Qatar in 2012
31. First Prize in Awareness Films Competition in 2012
32. First Certificate of International Investigator in combating Intellectual Property Crimes in 2012.
33. Doha, Arab City of Least Violent and Most Secure in 2011.
34. Qatar Tops MENA Region in Global Peace Index (2011-2015)

Definitely these awards and prizes are inspire to do more in the field of awareness against traffic accidents, hazards of drugs and things related to Civil Defence