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Ministry Strategy

Ministry Strategy

The Strategy of the Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of Interior through its duties and functions aspires  the community and the state to be blessed with stability and well-being. Therefore, it is keen to put in place its strategy that reflect a deep understanding of the security challenges and threats and ways to counter its effects, and the adoption of the effective means to overcome them.

These challenges consists of the internal challenges, from within the ministry environment, and external challenges, and at the same time, these challenges brings out several threats, direct or indirect, visible or hidden, targeting the security and stability of the State of Qatar.

The strategic vision, mission and its mainstays embodied in the four pillars, all intend to identify the ways to confront those challenges and threats to ensure protection of  the security and stability of the State of Qatar.

Strategy Theme

Outstanding Performance – Active Participation  - Permanent Security

Achieve the maximum degree of security and stability under the rule of law.


Establishment of security and safety in the country, through the security performance with a high degree of efficiency and professionalism, in the framework of a true partnership with the community.

Sources of the Strategy 
The Permanent Constitution of the State of Qatar
Qatar Vision 2030
Military Service Law No. 31/2006, Emiri Decree No. 16/2009
Other Laws and Legislative Tools
Arabic and Islamic Culture and Heritage
Authentic Qatari Norms and Traditions
Understand the elements of security and stability and ways of strengthening them.
Comprehend the challenges and threats faced by the State of Qatar.

Pillars of the Strategy
Public Security
Relationship with the Community
Human Resources
Material Resources and Technological Development.