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Rumors and their impact on society

  • 08/02/2018 : 09:12 AM
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ooA rumor is a piece of information or news that affect the issues of society and is circulated and transmitted quickly without being based on a reliable source. This kind of information is considered harmful to the community while some may resort to rumour-mongering to achieve a vested agenda. 
Rumour mongering and circulation of stories of unknown origin are very dangerous and will harm others and those behind will be legally accountable, which alerts the importance of documenting the sources of news and information and to extract them from reliable sources. Non-circulation rumors by not sharing them and researching about its reliability and validity, contributes to stopping its spread by closing the doors for rumour mongers.
How do you view rumour mongering? Are you keen to get the right information from their official sources? In your opinion, what are the appropriate solutions that contribute to stopping the spread of the rumours and fight rumour mongers?

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