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Open Data

Open Data

Open Data is an essential part for Qatar's 2030 vision, as it supports social and human development, economic and environmental growth in Qatar. Open Data promotes the transparency between Governments and its citizens, as well as builds trust and engages the citizen which is what Qatar is aspiring for by implementing the policy.

Ministry of Transport and Communication adopted the Open Data policy and made it part of its vision for an Open Government or a National Electronic Government or both and its purpose is the assist the State of Qatar with achieving its national development goals that are:

  • Provide efficient and transparent public service
  • Building a knowledge-based society by creating an open and transparent culture in which knowledge bases are accessible

On this basis, the Ministry of Interior participated in this initiative by providing its own data. The MOI believes in the principle of transparency in dealing with the public as long as there are no security or privacy breaches. This page allows the public to access the data and information published liberally