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Simplified procedures to facilitate the fingerprint services for companies and establishments.


The Ministry of Interior seeks through a studied plan to provide its services to the public in accordance with the latest modern methods and in comfortable ways that facilitate the process of obtaining the service at any time and at any place. Fingerprint Service, provided by Criminal Evidence and Information Department (CEID), is one of the most important services that had undergone quantitative and qualitative development, especially after the increasing number of expats in the light of the economic and constructional upsurge witnessed by the State.

It necessitated expansion and improvement in the work of the CEID to ease the process of taking the fingerprint without any disturbance for the work flow of the companies and establishments. As a result, the ink-free decimal fingerprint devices were introduced and centers providing fingerprint services were expanded which further accelerated result obtaining process. Moreover, direct link was established with the General Directorate of Border Passports and Expatriates Affairs for speedy completion of procedures.

The CEID Director Colonel Nasser Abdullah Al-Mahmoud affirmed that the Department has special consideration for the fingerprint service, which is one of the most important services provided by the CEID. It makes sure that the service is provided with minimum time and effort for the public whether individuals, institutions or companies. He also mentioned that the Industrial Area Services Center, which has been opened recently, is working for 12 hours a day for completion of fingerprint procedures for employees of companies and has 16 automatic ink-free decimal fingerprint devices with a capacity of up to 400 persons a day.

"The location of the Industrial Area Services Center was selected after a careful study on places of expats concentration. The Industrial Area was found to be the most suitable area and as it is connected with most of the work force and it is near to their residence as well as having many companies and factories in that area which would thus save the time and efforts of the companies and their representatives" added the Director of the CEID.


Colonel Nasser Abdullah Al Mahmoud then stated that the Duhail Fingerprint Service Center was closed and shifted to the Industrial Area Center which provides Fingerprint Service to all company workers, while the CEID headquarters in Salwa road and services centers in Musaimeer, Al-Khor, Al-Wakra and Al-Rwuais provide fingerprint service to the rest of citizens and residents.

It is worth mentioning that the establishment of services centers in different parts of the State helped greatly to finish the procedures with out any delay. The services centers include many services of the Ministry of Interior in one place such as traffic, fingerprints and passports. This have met the needs of citizens and residents and saved them the trouble of having to go to the headquarters of the competent departments to complete the transactions. The upcoming period would witness the opening of many other services centers such as Shahaniya Services Complex, Umm Sulal Services Center and Al Daain Center.

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