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Forensic Laboratory is one of the scientific pillars found to cope with crime and serve the justice thanks to the contents of the various scientific disciplines, including various aspects of scientific research in the field of crime, its detection and induction. The Laboratory was established in the year 1973 when its location was in the Central Laboratory of the Rumaila Hospital, made up of a single room staffed by one person who analyzes the alcoholic items in the blood and do analysis of hashish and opium, after which it was agreed with a German company in 1977 to arrange a modern forensic laboratory equipped with international standards of that time. In 1980, the Forensic Laboratory was opened as per the modern concept, which was consisting of several different divisions.

Then, the second shift came in January of 2004 with the opening of a new Forensic Laboratory building embracing the latest advanced plants and devices as found worldwide in various divisions and branches, as it contains experts and skilled technicians of competencies from Qatar who had scientific university degrees whose percentage ranges between 80-90% of the total workers, in addition to expatriates experts at a high level of competence and experience. It has always been and will remain the role of the Forensic Laboratory in combating crime and control it, further cooperation in resolving the ambiguity with security agencies, an effective and fruitful role in serving the justice and the judiciary, taking into account to get furnished with science and expertise to keep pace with any crime developments in the present and the future.


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