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General Directorate of Coasts and Borders Security

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The State of Qatar is located on a peninsula that is in a shape of sea tongue which's 75% is coastal area. This geographical feature requires more protection and security for the borders of the country. Here, The Coast and Borders Security Department plays a vital and pivotal role through protecting the lands of the country by implementing the missions that come under the functions of the department.

Preventing illegal infiltration and trafficking to the country, Combating the maritime pollution, guarding the industrial and petroleum establishments either it is located in sear or land, are the main duties of the department.

The department was established in the middle of fifties while it was named as Naval Police. On that time, It was depending on a wooden boat with 4 police staff and a petty officer in addition to its captain. In sixties, Another three boats were added to the fleet for the service and 31 police staff served the naval police. But in seventies, the department witnessed a notable development when many modern devices and latest equipments were added to its fleet.

During eighties, 6 long stay boats joined the fleet of the department and 8 coast guard stations including floating station were inaugurated in addition to that, a technical workshop for the maintenance of boats and its preservation was opened. The department also bought 6 short stay boats to carryout its security missions in the shoal water.

In the beginning of nineties, The headquarter of the department was shifted to the previous security checking building at Doha port and it was developed by adding a number of short stay boats its fleet.

In 1995, The name "Navel Police" was changed to Coasts and Borders Security Department and increased the numbers of coastal and maritime patrols. The department also organized many training and specialized courses inside the country and abroad as well for officers and petty and police cadets in the department with the aim of improving their skills and efficiencies.

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