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Human Resources Department

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Human Resources Department  works  to provide services to all employees of the ministry as per the  decree no 53/2007 issued by the Minister of State for Internal Affairs. The department attempts to develop its services thorough unlimited efforts to simplify procedures in order to achieve  the desired objectives with the assistance of modern technologies , especially in the field of computer and information systems.

The role of the department becomes more clear from the following activities:

It  carries out all activities related to the employees of the ministry such as  promotions, provision of housing,  completion of the needs of all departments and divisions of the ministry , recruitment procedures  as well as the announcement of the vacancies of  the ministry, completion of the termination and resignation etc.

The department is also working to provide its services electronically so that employees of the ministry can access to human resources department’s page for querying about their work benefits, vacations etc. 

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