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Juvenile Police Department

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The initial works of "Juvenile Police Department" had started when a branch was established for “juveniles” under the Criminal Investigation Department, the role of which, by then, was limited to theoretical research and social studies in the Qatari community to identify problems and causes that drive the juvenile to delinquency and committing crimes.

The State, represented by the Ministry of Interior enhanced its attention to caring the delinquent juveniles and taking actions to protect them as well as developing various programs for their care and assessment.

In 1991, the then Minister of Interior directed to establish a special section to care delinquent juveniles and it worked under the name "Juvenile Welfare Section".

The consecutive development of Qatari society and protect the much needed category of the community i.e. juveniles made it necessary to have a law regulating the juveniles in the State of Qatar. The Qatari Juvenile Law was issued in 1994 to take charge of prevention and caring the delinquent juveniles and rehabilitate them.

In 1997, the Minister of Interior's decision was issued, under which juvenile police became a stand-alone department under the name "Juvenile Police Department". According to article (1) of Article 5 of the Juveniles Act, "a police body shall be constituted by a decision of the Minister of the Interior and shall be allocated for juvenile affairs" and is categorized in the organizational structure of the Ministry of the Interior, as a security department under the General Directorate of Public Security.

In 2015, the Ministerial decision (52/2015) was issued which stipulated civil dress code of all staffs in the department, taking into account the psychological state of the juvenile when he or she was arrested, questioned or deported to the prosecution or trial.

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