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The need of human being for communication with others and exchanging thoughts is old as humanity's existence. Along with the progress of humanity, the importance of public relations arose as a concept to achieve human understanding, communicate with others, transferring experience, expertise and information, which necessitate the importance of sound planning to reach a mutual understanding.

From the beginning of seventies, The Ministry of Interior has given necessary importance for public relations considering it as a channel of contact and communication with individuals of society. In 1979, the then H.E. Minister of Interior issued a ministerial decree to form an independent department named " Public Relations Department".

Along with the development of Medias means according to the inventions in media technologies during last years, The concept of public relations also developed covering various aspects either related with security media activities or moral guidance, protocol functions or community policing. In the way of achieving goals and desired objectives, The public relations department of Ministry of Interior has employed its various mass medias with the intention of reaching the public as they are the target group of media messages. The Department has also held studies, researches, planning and evaluations considering it as basic pillars of any creative public relations organization.

Public Relations Department has also utilized various forms of web facilities as it is the modern way of communication technology in reaching out to public at local and international levels. This led to quality performance in the security related to media activities achieving high developments in different scopes that are witnessed in the Ministry of Interior.

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