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Conduct Certificate

Conduct Certificate

Conditions for granting PCC

Conditions for granting Good Conduct -Police Clearance- Certificate (PCC) (For those applying from Qatar).

Requirements for applying for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from outside the country:

 There are four ways to apply for the PCC from outside  the country:

 1- Through the Qatar embassy
 2- Through Metrash2 application or the website( valid residence permit is required)
 3- Applying  via express mail by sending all the required documents and  the fees  to the following address:
         Ministry of the Interior
         Department of Criminal Evidences and Information – Salwa road
         Zone no:55, Area no:30
         PO Box 23004  phone : 2346737-2346717

 4- The applicant can ask a relative or a friend in Doha to apply and receive the PCC by sending him all the required documents with the power of attorney certified by the court and the competent authorities in the applicant country and the Embassy of the State of Qatar & the Ministry of foreign affairs. The processing fee should be paid on behalf of the applicant for the certificate. It will be 10 QR only.

Document required for the PCC:

  • A formal letter addressed to The Director General of  evidence and criminal information showing the certificate request and purpose.
  • Clear copies of relevant pages of applicant's current passport and old passport that was used while in Qatar with personal particulars, residence permit, dates of first entry to the country and last exit from the country.
  • Full set of fingerprints (original) duly attested by a competent government authority at the country of the applicant.
  • Two recent passport-size photographs
  • The required fees for processing + mailing from outside the country, from inside the country 10 QR .

 If the applicant is a resident born in Doha, he doesn't needto attach the PCC from his country with the application for the PCC from Qatar. But he should attach a copy of the birth certificate with the application. Those who entered the country while they were under 16 years old should produce a copy of the passport that contains the date of first entry to the country.