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Medical Services Department

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Under the directives of the State that aims at building civilized human beings, capable mentally and physically, of keeping up with the cultural shift taking place in the state at all levels and fields, the Ministry of Interior puts its efforts actively to devote this concept, considering it as a key element in the construction and progress of human beings, which was counted among its priorities in all developmental plans whether current or prospective.

From this point of view, emphasis was given on the medical services department that has been constantly receiving support of the Ministry officials through the provision of both human requirements by strengthening professional or material competencies by the use of the latest technology.

As the Medical Services Department has good trust on its noble message and as part of its commitment to the foregoing concerns at the highest levels done in recent years offering medical services that are matched by many of the institutions working in the same field. Here are some of such services, for example, but not limited to:

Internal Medicine Clinic:

Wherein the diseases like diabetes, pressure, asthma, obesity and endocrine diseases and various esoteric diseases are being treated

Heart Clinic

The heart diseases related with valves, arteries and heart rhythm disorder are being treated using ultrasound devices, Doppler, portable Holter and normal cardiograph monitor with stress.

General Surgery Clinic

Treatment of wounds and micro-surgical procedures and follow-up of patients, who have had major surgeries in hospitals, are done.

Urinary tract Clinic

The treatment of the urinary system, such as the kidney, bladder, prostate diseases and impotence and infertility in men are handled through this clinic

Pediatric Center  

All acute and chronic diseases for kids of different ages, of newborn children until the age of 14 years, are treated as well as screening newborn and preterm birth and monitoring their development

Dermatology Clinic

It handles various skin diseases and conducts micro-dermatology operations such as skin warts and other skin lesions by using electric cautery and cooling devices, and the use of UV machine for the treatment of psoriasis and vitiligo and alopecia.

Eye Clinic

Various eye diseases are treated and examination of the diabetic retinopathy and early diagnosis of glaucoma (ocular hypertension) and white water and tonometry by the use of computer and Optometry using modern techniques

ENT Clinic

Treatment of various diseases related to these systems is provided, as well as washing and suction of ear wax or pus. Further audiogram is conducted to perceive the degree and type of hearing impairment as well as measurement of the ear pressure with modern equipment.

Orthopedic Surgery Clinic

Dealing with cases of fractures and repair of cases under anesthesia, as well as doing all types of plaster and splints for fractures, receive simple surgical accidents and take samples of tumors and sebaceous cysts for diagnosis purpose.

Clinic for Arthritis and Rheumatic Diseases

The diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries and rheumatic diseases such as backbone pain and various joint pains are conducted, wherein osteoporosis for males and females are measured and treated.

Psychiatric Clinic

Preventive services are provided for protection of mental illness, its early detection and treatment and to conduct the encephalography.


Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic

Treatment of various gynecological diseases is provided as well as taking care of the health of the pregnant, conducting routine testing and doing early survey for the early discovery of cervical tumors, electric cautery for cervical infections and putting Intrauterine devices for contraception.

Dental Clinic

All gum and dental diseases are treated and normal fillings and roots fillings done, as well as taking care of dental surgeries and dental treatment in adults and children.

Emergency Clinic

We are receiving all regular and emergency cases around the clock and giving proper treatment.

Laboratory Unit

Different blood and urine and stool tests are conducted, blood test to follow patients with diabetes and cholesterol, as well as testing functions of various liver viruses and examination of various hormones.

X-ray Unit

Various parts of the body are examined using regular scans, dental and jaw test with Panorama scan and examination of the body parts and pregnant women is done using ultrasound.

Physiotherapy Unit

The treatment of sports injuries, the treatment of various bones and joint problems, spinal problems, such as facial nerve paralysis, sciatica, and paraplegia are done as appropriate rehabilitative treatments are provided.

Well Woman Clinic

It gives priority for woman and her safety specializing in women element in terms of providing periodic tests for early detection of tumors, in addition to surveying the presence of medical conditions that can lead to tumors, based on the principle ‘prevention is better than cure’ and finally to provide appropriate treatment for cases that precede the presence of tumors.

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

It is specialized in diagnosis of diseases of the digestive system and treating them such as stomach ulcers, duodenum, and colon tumors, whether benign or malignant.

Smoking Cessation Clinic:

In order to help every smoker to stop smoking which is cause for many diseases and for anyone who wants to give up this reprehensible habit, under the supervision of a specialist doctor in collaboration with the Smoking Cessation Clinic at HMC.

Forensic Medicine

It offers its services at the state level by conducting forensic examination of cases referred from Sharia courts, general prosecution, and security departments and provide technical expertise to the courts or security departments.

Medical Committee

It is involved in conducting the medical examination for job applicants in the Ministry and students on scholarships with domestic and external training courses as well as defining the powers of the staff to work at the time of renewal of contracts, in addition to determining the proportion of the inability, and specifying the medical fitness to cars drivers and etc..

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