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With the age of technology, and the spread of modern communication mechanisms, new forms of crime have emerged, including the electronic crimes, which the perpetrators sought to inflict, damage, others, across multiple media (phone, email, etc.), which calls for everyone taking the necessary security precautions in the use of online media and communication, to protect themselves, and to ward off the objectives of the perpetrators of these crimes, and in this context, we offer Altoaaat, the following:

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playicon معاً لمحاربة التسلل الالكتروني
Together to Counter Hacking
Apr 20, 2016
playicon تأثير الانتر نت على الأطفال
Impact of internet on children
Mar 23, 2016
playicon مخاطر الالعاب الالكترونية على الاطفال
Dangers of video games on children
Mar 23, 2016

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